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The Pleasanton Unified School District believes that all students and staff must have equitable opportunities to develop and master both information literacy and technological proficiency. The District will provide leadership in working with schools and community partnerships to ensure that all students and staff have access to computers, Internet resources, on-going training, and technical support needed to develop this mastery.

The district Technology Plan, along with the District’s Strategic Plan and results from the school district’s Excellence Committee report, will guide us through the process of integrating technology into the classroom learning environment and District management functions. As we strive to educate world-class students, this plan will guide sites and departments in implementing technology activities appropriate to their individual needs, while remaining aligned with the district plan.

Technology for Learning and Teaching

Technology for Learning and Teaching was originally adopted in December 2001 as the District’s comprehensive technology plan. Although technology has rapidly changed, the basic assumptions and visions outlined in Technology for Learning and Teaching have held true. We have updated and revised this current edition to reflect new technology and the direction set by the district’s Strategic Plan and Excellence Committee report.

The goals in Technology for Leaning and Teaching describe the ideal uses of educational technology in a K-12 school district and community. The technology plan describes the basic conditions needed to effectively implement the visions. The plan focuses on technology, which supports district goals for learning and teaching, enhancing student learning and improving student achievement.