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Welcome to Data Processing

The Data Processing department of the Pleasanton Unified School District is located on First Street at the corner of Abbie & First. In addition to the Data Processing department, we also house the Abbie Street Training Room.

Jon Morgan, Coordinator of Data Processing

The department is responsible for the production of many reports and forms. In the student arena some of them are: report cards, progress reports, academic guidance forms, health forms, and computerized scheduling. Examples of financial production are: payroll and accounts payable warrants. For Human Resources we produce PAFs (personnel action forms), to assist them in the evaluation of proper position and salary placement. Our staff programmer provides many reports for the district with aggregated and disaggregated data.

In addition to providing services for PUSD we also provide computing services for the school districts in Berkeley, Castro Valley and Piedmont. Those districts are hosted on our mainframe and rely on us for their data integrity, payroll production and files that are sent to the Alameda County offices of Education.

For some years now, Data Processing has been involved with CSIS, California School Information Services. The CSIS program is a legislative initiative charged in 1997 with developing and implementing an electronic statewide school information system to facilitate the exchange and reporting of student information by school districts to the California Department of Education. It is also the agency charged with the state mandate of issuing and maintaining student identifiers. All of Pleasanton’s students now have a state identifier in compliance with that mandate. Also through CSIS, we submit our CBEDS data, Language Census Survey (R-30), Student National Origin Report (SNOR), and UC Eligibility Local Context (ELC). This process has helped us to improve the reporting accuracy of our student data.

Future plans include the migration of our software. We are moving from a menu system to a windows based GUI (Graphical User Interface). GUI replaces the way we access and input QSS/Reflection data. Our first GUI workshop was held on October 31, 2005. It was very successful and many users immediately began using some of the released modules. Look for announcements of more opportunities for training in the future.


Data Processing
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