Pleasanton Unified School District


Curriculum Department

The Curriculum and Staff Development Department works closely with school sites to ensure that the highest quality curriculum, instructional materials and learning environment are provided to all our students. This work included providing staff development opportunities for all staff, textbook adoptions and ongoing review of course outlines and state standards. We also work closely with the Assessment Department staff to address assessment results in order to improve instruction.
There are a number of resources available on our site. Like this Common Core Math Resources for Parents (click the link!).  If you have suggestions or feedback please let us know.
Jenni Tyson
Director of Elementary Education 
(925) 426-4340
Ken Rocha
Director of Secondary Education 
(925) 426-4330
  • K-5 Curriculum Development and Staff Development
  • K-5 Standards-based Report Card
  • District Staff Development Days
  • Identification of Students At-risk of Not Meeting Standards/Intervention Programs and Promotion/Retention Policy
  • 6-12 Curriculum Development and Staff Development
  • 6-12 New Course Approval Process/US Lists
  • Assignment of Course Numbers
Linda Flagler
Secretary to Jenni Tyson
(925) 426-4328
  • Assistant to Director of Elementary Education
  • Staff Development Reform Questions and Accounting
  • 6-12 Course Outlines
  • Staff Development
  • Sign-ups and Sign-ins for Staff Development
Lisa Hansen,
Secretary to Ken Rocha
  • Assistant to Director of Secondary Education
  • Assistant to Coordinator of Special Projects and Program Improvement
Assessments Overseen in Curriculum Department:
  • CAHSEE Results
  • Fitnessgram
  • District Writing Assessment (Grades 2, 3, 5, 7, & 8)
  • DLA’s
  • Middle School Math Placements
  • District Speech Proficiency
Ken Rocha