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With the passage of Assembly Bill 542 and Senate Bill 906, PUSD will begin informing PUSD families through an annual notice at the beginning of each school year of California's child access prevention laws and laws relating to the safe storage of firearms.

Please be smart and safe if you choose to keep firearms in your home — secure gun storage saves lives.

Visit for more information and resources.

Dear PUSD Community,

This week, our District Office buildings and schools are flying flags at half staff out of respect for the victims of the shooting in Nashville, Tennessee.

Our students may have a wide range of reactions to this tragedy. It will be important in the coming days and weeks for our families and staff to check in with our children and each other. If you or someone you know are in distress, it is important to reach out. PUSD has a list of Grief Support Resources available to you, and we partner with Care Solace to help individuals navigate and connect with needed mental health resources.

The following may be helpful as you navigate conversations in the days ahead:

  • Create space to talk about what you and your students are feeling. Young people may not know how to respond and will be looking for your guidance
  • Affirm their feelings. It’s okay to express feelings honestly. Tolerate their expressions, rather than dismissing them or discouraging the expression of feelings
  • Affirm that their reaction is normal and you understand the way they feel
  • Watch for signs of trouble such as aggression, withdrawal, etc.
  • Help your students return to as normal of a routine as possible 

Additionally, please find the following resources for guiding conversations and finding support. 

In these final days before spring break, please be kind and patient with each other. Recognize that this tragedy is unsettling for everyone. Take time to check in with yourself and others around you. And know that each of our PUSD team members are here to support you.


David Haglund, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools