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At PUSD, sustainability is a vital part of our mission and vision as an educational organization. We believe that our students will make a better world. Through the lens of sustainability, this means providing the resources and structures that prepare a world fit for our students to inherit, and empowering school communities to be better stewards of our environment.

Sustainability is critical part of how PUSD operates, from the way we build, lead and educate our students.

PUSD is fortunate to partner with the Go Green Initiative, a global environmental education program that was founded in our own community, to support our ongoing efforts toward environmental sustainability.

Parents from Mohr Elementary Green team help educate students on how to sort trash at lunch time
Student from Local Leaders of the 21st Century Club addresses PUSD Board of Education
Custodian at Hearst Elementary assisting students sort trash at lunch
Students volunteer to help conduct school waste audits
Students and staff at an awards luncheon
Go Green Initiative CEO Jill Buck addresses PUSD Board of Education
A student speaking at a Board Meeting
Mohr Elementary students part of school green team help others sort waste at lunch
Students volunteer with school waste audits
A gray trash can, green compost bin and blue recycling bin
Mohr Elementary students part of school green team help sort waste at lunch
PUSD District Office staff and students following site waste audit
A group of students standing with blue recycling bins

Sustainability Highlights and Focus Areas

Schools Earn Grants for Tracking Waste on Campus

Our Green Teams are tackling greenhouse gas emissions by recycling, composting, and tracking waste on campus! This year, 10 schools have received grant funding from the Go Green Initiative for measuring the environmental impacts of their waste reduction and diversion programs. Way to go Alisal, Amador, Fairlands, Hart, Harvest Park, Hearst, Mohr, Valley View, Vintage Hills, and Walnut Grove!

Local Leaders of the 21st Century

The Local Leaders of the 21st Century is a program for high school students through the Go Green Initiative. Originally piloted at Amador Valley High School as a student organization, the program has inspired a second Local Leaders of the 21st Century club at Foothill High School (and in schools across the Country). The program is designed to help students understand how local public policy and industry work together to implement and maintain the following critical community systems: waste, water, energy and food.

The students of the Local Leaders and Go Green Initiative were instrumental in the creation of green/waste reduction policies and practices, as well as continue to present and consult with organizations and leaders in the broader community on sustainable practices and environmental issues.

School Green Teams and Waste Audits

Each PUSD elementary, middle and high school has a 'Green Team' comprised of staff, students and parents to help lead sustainable and waste reduction practices. These teams worked in tandem with the Go Green Initiative and students in the Local Leaders of the 21st Century program to conduct waste audits and implement a three bin (recycle, compost and garbage) system to help reduce PUSD's landfill contribution and increase recycling and composting. Our continued gratitude to our students and PUSD's amazing Maintenance and custodial staff for their leadership and support in this process.

At Mohr Elementary, a dedicated team of parents and students have incorporated their school garden into an outdoor classroom.

Group photo of Valley View's Green Team
Group photo of Hearst's Green Team
A group photo of Mohr's Green Team
Group photo of Hart's Green Team
Northern California Recycling Association Highlights Three PUSD Schools For Best Practices
Amador Valley High School's parking lot solar panels

The Amador Valley High School student parking lot received an eco-friendly upgrade in 2019 with a new solar structure. The solar structure allows our Amador community to reduce its carbon footprint, provide a long-term source of renewable energy while creating covered parking for our students.

Poster that says %22Working Together For a Better World%22 with decorated handprints below the Earth