Hearst Elementary Focuses on Kindness

Hearst Elementary is taking a holistic approach to wellness with their school community with the help of their PTA in collaboration with Principal Muniz and school staff. The PTA Wellness team, led by parent Amy Shannon is focused on individual physical wellness of both students and staff, learning environments and social emotional wellness. 

“Social emotional wellness and how kids treat each other is so crucial to their growth and who they’ll become,” said Shannon. 

We couldn’t agree more. Recently, Hearst has been focusing on social emotional wellness through emphasizing kindness. For the Hearst Elementary annual ‘Fun Run’ fundraiser, students donned t-shirts with the slogan ‘kindness moves me’. Proceeds from the Run, which amounted to nearly $70K will go towards purchasing additional Second Step Curriculum kits which support social emotional skill building. The school also celebrates ‘Wellness Wednesday’s’ where all teachers wear t-shirts with positive and encouraging slogans. Hearst tied it’s Red Ribbon Week activities to kindness as well, with a number of activities that focused on kindness on various levels including ‘Walk to School Day’ which emphasized being kind to the environment. 

Hearst Elementary teachers were even recently treated to chair massages funded by the Hearst PTA. We love the focus on wellness for both our staff and students. 

Thank you to our Hearst Monarchs for focusing on kindness and for their efforts in making a better and more positive world!