Board Appoints new President and Vice President for 2020

During their December 10 meeting, the Board of Trustees unanimously appointed Steve Maher as the 2020 PUSD Board President and Jamie Yee as Vice President. 

Steve Maher has served as a PUSD Trustee since 2016 and is currently serving his first term.  With teaching and administrative experience at nearly every school in the District, President Maher brings over 40 years of experience in education to his role. President Maher serves as a representative on a number of Board appointed committees including the City of Pleasanton Liaison Committee, PUSD Audit Committee, Alameda County School Board Association, Tri-Valley Education Coalition and PUSD Board Facility Subcommittee. 


Jamie Yee has served as a PUSD Trustee since being elected in November 2008 and is currently serving her third term. As a former parent and PTA leader in Pleasanton, Vice President Yee brings valuable perspective to the Board in her role. Vice President Yee serves on a number of Board appointed committees including the City of Pleasanton Economic Vitality Committee, PUSD Board Facility Subcommittee, PUSD Audit Committee (alternate), and the Tri-Valley Education Coalition (TEC).


The District expresses its sincere gratitude to Valerie Arkin for her service as Board President this past year. 

“I would like to extend my personal thanks to Trustee Arkin for her leadership this past year as Board President,” expressed Superintendent David Haglund. “Our staff, students and community have benefited greatly from the countless additional hours you have dedicated to ensuring PUSD continues to support our mission - that our students will go on to make a better world.”