Amador Valley Alumni & Student Club Build Desktop Computers to Support Distance Learning

With the colossal shift from classroom to distance learning, PUSD’s Technical Services team has distributed chromebooks to nearly every student districtwide. This allowed students to continue their learning at home with support from PUSD’s world class teachers. Still, for some of PUSD’s bright engineering and computer science students who had benefitted from classroom use of desktop computers with specialized programming, a need remained - enter Amador Valley High School alumni Ervin Young. 

Working with an Amador Valley High School student club, New Nest, including Brighton Young (brother and co-founder), Gavin Jiang, Nathan Tsui, Ervin Young and Alexis Huang (co-founder), Ervin has built six desktop computers for PUSD engineering students. These computers allow them to continue their passions in engineering through additional access to technology and software available through their new desktop computers. 

Seeing the difficult state that the entire world is currently in, I really wanted to do anything I

could for my community. Working with my strengths in technology, I sought to do the most

I could to benefit anyone I could,” said Young. “No matter how small the effort, if we collectively act as a team to help each other during this recession, a difference will be made - even if it’s one computer at a time.”

Each computer takes around 3-4 hours to build, organize, and configure. Ervin and New Nest are looking for support from community members to continue their efforts:

Ervin found his path for higher education and career in computer science in Mr. Hansen’s AP Computer Science classroom.  

“In AP computer science I was able to collaborate with a group of students to create a strategy board game using a program called Eclipse, which is an EID that compiles code,” said Ervin.

Ervin and New Nest are looking to work with e-waste facilities to purchase parts that would otherwise go to landfills while also helping students to have access to technology. It’s in the best interest to our environment and our community. 

Anyone interested in supporting these young students can learn more at the following link: