Message from the Superintendent to All PUSD Families and Community

Dear PUSD community, 

As your Superintendent and a lifelong educator, I felt a moral imperative to reach out to you regarding the deep pain and grief that is being experienced locally and in communities across the country following the public death of George Floyd. 

Please know that we stand together for equity and community, and our educators and leaders continue to do critical work driven by our PUSD mission that our students will make a better world. We too must join them in that work. The institutional racism and systemic bias that continues to be exposed in events like those of the past month are sobering reminders of why this work is so important. 

The difficult and uncomfortable nature of these conversations are only offset by their importance. Public education plays a critical role in these conversations, and our educators and leaders are doing incredible work in this area - in many ways fueled by the passion of our students. However, if we are to truly move this conversation forward towards meaningful change, it becomes critical that we all have these conversations with our students. 

To that end, please find a few resources below that can help: 


I encourage you to sit down as a family and talk about what students may be seeing or hearing on the news and in social media. Help them sort through the noise to find the values you embrace as a family, as well as those we share as a community. With so much uncertainty in the world today, we must work together to ensure our young people can clearly see a path toward equity and inclusion that emphasizes justice, kindness, and hope. 

Finally, we are aware of a planned demonstration in response to the tragic death of George Floyd that is set to occur in Pleasanton later this week. I was heartened to hear of the peaceful event that occurred in Dublin yesterday, and I believe that this will also be true in our community. If you choose to participate, please be safe and respectful. Protect yourself and your family by wearing a mask and be thoughtful of personal space and social distancing, as you gather. 

Thank you for your continued support of our students, and for the dignity and belonging of each member of our community. 

With gratitude, 


David Haglund

Superintendent of Schools