A Message from Superintendent Haglund & The PUSD Board of Trustees: How We Move Forward Together for Our Students After Election Day

The following is a message from Superintendent Haglund and PUSD Board of Trustees that was shared with PUSD employees, families and high school students. 

Dear PUSD community, 

With Election day upon us, citizens across our Country are casting the final ballots as part of our most sacred civic duty - a cornerstone of our democracy. There is understandably a large amount of anxiety around the results of this election. Regardless of how the votes fall, as educators and community members we will continue to work together for the benefit of our young people. The mission and vision of our District, as well as the goals identified by our Community of Character Collaborative, will remain strong and sustain the focus of our work. 

The way we come together, despite our differences, in support of our children and our future must continue to define our community. Disagreements and debate are a healthy and vital part of our democracy, but it is the civility and respect through which we have these conversations, and the unified way we move forward once the decision is made that will be the true testament of who we are. Now more than ever, it is critical that we model this civility and respect for our young people through our actions and words. 

After election day, let’s show our students what true community means - what it looks like. Let’s continue to innovate and find ways to safely connect, support, and look out for one another. Let’s find new ways to serve those who are struggling during this difficult time, including efforts to address isolation and tend to the social emotional and mental health needs of our students, families, and the broader Pleasanton community. Most importantly, let’s inspire our students to join us in this work. 

PUSD’s mission describes an organization that is focused in such a way as to ensure every student becomes a resourceful, responsible, resilient and engaged world citizen. We engage in this work intentionally, both in school and in the community. Let’s choose to make a positive mark on history - to leave this community and our nation better off than when we got here. Our children are watching and learning. 

With gratitude and much hope, 

David Haglund, Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools 

Steve Maher, Board President 

Jamie Yee, Board Vice President 

Valerie Arkin, Trustee 

Joan Laursen, Trustee

Mark Miller, Trustee