PUSD Announces Fiscal Services’ Kay Dorp As 2021-22 Classified Employee of the Year

Pleasanton Unified School District (PUSD) congratulates Kay Dorp, Account Specialist II - Budget Analyst as its 2021-22 Classified Employee of the Year.

Kay Dorp has served on the district’s Fiscal Services team for nearly 20 years, helping to ensure the district’s budgets are balanced and sound fiscal practices are in place and followed consistently. 

Dorp was nominated by many of her District Office colleagues and members of school site teams. 


“Kay Dorp is truly one of PUSD’s unsung heroes. Her job is not flashy, and it isn’t one of those that is out there for all to see,” Donlon Elementary Administrative Secretary Adrienne Herz said. “However, I assert that what Kay brings to the Fiscal Services office is critical to the functioning of not just her department, but the work that happens out at the school sites as well. Kay has been a team player since I've known her, making me feel like we are all part of the same team."


“For 19.5 years Kay has provided service to the district and attempts to do what is best for our students,” Director of Fiscal Services Tom Gray said. “Now is the time to recognize her for these accomplishments and honor her with Classified Employee of the Year.”


Dorp’s name will be submitted for consideration for the 2021 County Classified School Employee of the Year Award.