Foothill High School Choral Program Premieres “It Takes a Village”

Foothill High School’s Choral Program premiered its Virtual Spring Concert on YouTube May 20.

Performed by Foothill’s Concert Choir, Treble Choir, Chamber Choir and Rhythm in Blue, “It Takes a Village” features eight songs including “Kwaheri,” “Pure Imagination,” and “Make Someone Happy.”

With help from Pleasanton Partnership in Education (PPIE) and Foothill Administrators, choral students had access to a cloud-based Digital Audio Workstation this year. This allowed them to use their school-issued technology to record music remotely all year long. 

In addition, a PTSA Grant funded a Macbook Pro that could handle the editing required to turn the student recordings into polished products, as seen in “It Takes a Village.” 

"After this year, we have all realized the magical parts of choir that are so easily taken for granted,” Foothill’s Director of Choral Music Katrina Brekke said. “I am so proud of the resilient students who put their hearts into continuing to make music this year, in spite of all the challenges, and now we have an incredible, shareable snapshot of what we can still accomplish, together, even at a great distance."

The full concert can be watched at, and donations to Foothill’s Choral Program can be made at