Walnut Grove Elementary Celebrates Reopening of School Garden

On Tuesday, September 14, the Walnut Grove community celebrated the reopening and transformation of it’s school garden. Following the onset of the pandemic in March 2020, the garden had been left to the weeds with the closure of the school campus. 

Over the last few months, Principal Dwight Pratt and a team of dedicated volunteers worked to renovate the garden into an outdoor learning space for students. 

“The weeds were as high as my waist,” said Principal Pratt. “Having this garden for our students gives them a hands-on way to explore and learn.”

Lead parent volunteer Kim McCoy helped coordinate the ribbon cutting celebration, during which students enjoyed tasting grapes straight from the vine, shoveling garden soil in the newly constructed garden beds and participating in a scavenger hunt to explore different parts of the garden. Students took turns taking part in the celebration during lunch by grade level. 

“I wanted the kids to get to know the garden,” said McCoy. “We’ve had a whole new crop of parent volunteers, which is awesome. To get to come to school and enjoy a nice, open environment has been great.” 

The new garden walls are draped with enormous grape vines. Inside is a gravel floor with eight newly constructed garden beds - some empty for students to nurture and others with flowers, cauliflower and other seasonal plants.