Amador Valley Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Earns Second Place in International Competition

Amador Valley High School’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicles team astonished the robotics world this summer, winning second (technically first in the United States, as the only team to top them was the Thai Military Academy!) in the international AUVSI Student Unmanned Aerial Systems competition and $4000. The first-time high school team surpassed 69 robotics teams including top collegiate UAV programs from Cornell, UCLA, IIT Bombay, Duke, and UC San Diego.

The team consists mostly of high school seniors who have been working out of garages for the last 4 years to build a fully autonomous drone that is capable of navigating waypoints, avoiding obstacles, identifying objects on the ground, mapping areas, and dropping a rover which can autonomously navigate the ground. AmadorUAVs’ performance this year has redefined what a financially-limited first-time public high school team can do at a competition of this caliber. 
Congratulations to this team of incredible students! Learn more about the competition here.