Information and Next Steps on PUSD's Potential Bond Measure

Dear PUSD community,

The Pleasanton Unified School District School Board is elected by the community to ensure that our schools maintain excellence in every aspect from operation to instruction. With nine elementary, three middle and three high schools, our commitment involves engaging community around possible improvements that support the foundation for safe and healthy learning environments for all of our students.

Recently, we asked our community about their interest and support for a potential bond measure, the district's first in nearly 20 years, to update and repair facilities and infrastructure for Pleasanton schools. To get an accurate and unbiased answer, the board hired Oakland-based EMC Research to conduct the public poll. We engaged community members through a bond survey committee that held a series of meetings to develop questions to be included in the poll. EMC Research then conducted phone interviews with a  random sample of 400 Pleasanton voters on March 9th through 14th.

The results of the public poll show a majority of voters are willing to invest in the future of our schools and community. Over the next few months we will work with the District to identify a list of potential projects for the Board to consider when it decides whether to put a school bond measure before Pleasanton voters. 
This list, along with a dollar amount for the potential bond, will be weighted and determined by projects that are immediate and critical to needs of our school facilities and infrastructure. The District and Board  are committed to the idea that, should any bond pass, it will be accompanied by ongoing communication, engagement and accountability with the community, and will include a bond oversight committee.

In the next few months, the School Board plans to make a decision on whether or not to place a bond measure on the ballot.  The Board's decision regarding a bond will be made at a general meeting to which the public is invited to attend and participate. 
We thank the PUSD staff and community members who have been a part of this process.

Jamie Hintzke 
President, Board of Trustees
Pleasanton Unified School District