Pleasanton School Board Appoints Rick Rubino as Next Superintendent

Dear PUSD families,
The Pleasanton School Board is proud to announce the selection of Rick Rubino as the next Superintendent of Pleasanton Unified School District.
Mr. Rubino has a wide range of experience in a number of leadership roles, most recently serving as the Superintendent of Gridley Unified School District for the last four years.  Previously, he spent 8 years in Martinez Unified School District as Director and then Assistant Superintendent of Personnel Services. Before that Mr. Rubino served as Director of Certificated Personnel in the Mt. Diablo Unified School District for three years.
At the school-site level, Mr. Rubino has 12 years of experience as an elementary school principal in urban areas with highly diverse student populations at Fremont and San Leandro Unified School Districts. He holds a Master of Science in Special Education from State University of New York and Master of Arts in Education Administration from San Francisco State University.
Mr. Rubino is a proven leader committed to building strong community relationships and collaboration. At Gridley Unified School District, he led for meaningful parent and community engagement while shaping the district's first 3 Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAP) to create a shared vision for the future of its schools and student success.
In addition to his experience as an administrator, Mr. Rubino spent 11 years at the beginning of his career in the classroom. He taught English and History for four years before working with students with learning disabilities as a Resource Specialist in Fremont Unified School District.
We would like to sincerely thank everyone who provided critical input during our Superintendent search process.
We will be sharing information about an opportunity for you to meet and speak with Mr. Rubino shortly.


Pleasanton Board of Trustees
Board President Jamie Hintzke
Board Vice President Mark Miller
Trustee Joan Laursen
Trustee Valerie Arkin
Trustee Chris Grant