Board unanimously approves Resolution Recognizing PUSD as a Safe Haven School District

During the February 28, 2017 regular board meeting, the PUSD Board of Trustees voted 5-0 to approve Resolution 2016-2017.28 recognizing PUSD as a Safe Haven School District. The approved resolution is below. 
The Resolution reaffirms the District's commitment to providing safe and inclusive learning environments in accordance with State and Federal law. To provide more information regarding student and family rights, as well as public school districts' obligations to all students under the law, a number of documents were presented during the February 28, 2017 regular board meeting. Documents presented (which are available to download below) included:
  • Letter from the California Department of Education urging school districts to declare themselves as 'safe haven' districts.
  • Sample Safe Haven Resolution from Sacramento City Unified School District provided in California Department of Education letter  
  • Memo from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) explaining its 2011 policy regarding immigration enforcement activity at sensitive locations including schools
  • Legal opinion from the California School Boards Association regarding undocumented students and Safe Haven School Districts
We will be providing a translations of the Resolution in Spanish, Chinese and Korean shortly.