PUSD Stakeholder Survey

Last Spring, we administered our first annual PUSD Stakeholder Survey. The survey focused on aspects of school climate including academic support, student support, school leadership, family involvement, safety and behavior, communication and community building, as well as overall school quality. The survey was administered to all PUSD employees, parents, and students in grades 6 - 12.  

We received nearly 4,000 responses total - thank you to all who participated! These responses will provide us benchmark data for our work moving forward. 

We are proud to know that 86% of parents/guardian participants rate the overall quality of their school as 'excellent' or good'. Additionally, 83% of staff and 79% of student participants rate the quality of their school as 'excellent' or 'good'. Of the school climate dimensions surveyed, family involvement received the most affirmative responses from parent/guardian survey participants. Specifically, parent/guardian survey participants responded that they felt encouraged to engage in school events and activities and that staff members and families treat each other with respect. For grade 6 - 12 student participants, 'student support' received the most affirmative responses. For PUSD staff, 'academic support received the most affirmative responses. 

Our results also show some opportunities for growth. We heard from our staff, parent/guardian, and student participants that areas of focus moving forward should be communication and community building, supporting individual student needs, and academic support related to connecting lessons to life outside the classroom and timely feedback.

District and school leaders will use the survey findings in school improvement planning for next school year. We will be hosting opportunities to discuss our initial results with our school communities in the Winter and Spring.  
We look forward to launching the second year of our PUSD Stakeholder Survey in Spring 2019! 
PUSD shared a summary of our first year results during the September 12, 2018 PUSD regular board meeting. 
Community members can view the presentation and the full report of District survey results below.