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Lydiksen Elementary Rebuild and Modernization

The PUSD Board of Trustees approved the allocation of $30 million to rebuild and modernize the Lydiksen Elementary School campus in the first issuance of Measure I1 bonds on Tuesday, June 13, 2017.

The Lydiksen campus rebuild and modernization was included in the board approved Measure I1 project list to provide new, modern 21st century classrooms to students served by the elementary school built in 1968.  

PUSD created a Lydiksen campus committee comprised of Lydiksen parents, teachers, and staff as well as District staff to help guide the vision, planning and process for the project. The committee held a series of meetings to host collaborative discussions to help move the Lydiksen rebuild and modernization project forward.

After a series of meetings and much discussion, the Lydiksen Campus Committee agreed on a conceptual design for the Lydiksen Elementary rebuild and modernization. On February 27, 2018 the conceptual design was presented for information and discussion to the Board of Trustees. Please view the conceptual design below, as well as the presentation shown to the Board of Trustees on February 27.

Download the February 27, 2018 board meeting presentation on the Lydiksen Elementary Conceptual Design below! 
View photos from our amazing Lydiksen Campus Committee Meetings below!