Lydiksen Elementary School - Rebuild/Modernization Project


May 7, 2021

Phase I of the Lydiksen Rebuild Project was completed in February!  Phase IIA began in April of 2021 with a planned completion of December 2021.  The board of Trustee's gave direction for the construction team to redesign portions of the Lydiksen project in order to add capacity as projected by the recent district demographics report.  The team is working on that while continuing to construct the portions of the project that will not be changing.  Phase IIA consists of the construction of the Kindergarten wing.  We project Phase II will commence Fall of 2021, this phase will include the new admin building and library with all associated site work.

November 13, 2020

Phase I, which consists of the new parking lot and two new classroom buildings is nearing completion.  Finishes are being installed in the new buildings.  The parking lot is completed and stripped.  Play equipment is being installed and landscaping is arriving onsite.  Currently the anticipated move in date, for Phase I, is February 15, 2021.  The Pleasanton Unified School District approved the construction of an additional building at the November 12, 2021 school board meeting.  The design of this building is kicking off and will be incorporated as a separate phase of the project.





The project is estimated to be completed in the Fall of 2021.



The PUSD Board of Trustees approved the allocation of $36 million to rebuild and modernize the Lydiksen Elementary School campus in the first issuance of Measure I1 bonds on Tuesday, June 13, 2017. The Lydiksen campus rebuild and modernization was included in the board approved Measure I1 project list to provide new, modern 21st century classrooms to students served by the elementary school built in 1968. 


Increment 1: Relocation and alteration of 2 existing portables D1 & D2, new entry canopy structure, metal shade structure, demolition of existing 4 circular buildings, overall site grading and landscaping, exterior improvements to existing buildings C, E and J.


Increment 2: Modular construction consisting of 3 classroom buildings, campus center, and administration building.