Elementary Intervention Summer School

Summer School 2023 will be held at Alisal Elementary School located at 1454 Santa Rita Road, Pleasanton.


2023 Summer School FAQs



6/12 - 7/14

Holidays: 6/19 (Juneteenth), 7/3, and 7/4 (4th of July)



K-1: 8:15am - 12:15pm

2-5: 8:30am - 12:30pm


Office Hours

8:15 am - 1:15 pm



Free meals will continue to be offered to students for lunch and breakfast each day. Breakfast will be served each morning at 8:00 am. Lunch will be served between 10:50am and 11:30am each day that school is in session.


Drop Off                                         Pick Up

K-1: 8:00am - 8:15am 12:15pm - 12:30pm

2-5: 8:15am - 8:30am              12:30pm - 12:45pm


Please drop students off and pick up students in the front loop only. For the safety of everyone, and to ensure efficiency in the process, please follow the steps outlined here:


1. Cars entering the drop-off area in the front of the school will stop and wait for an invitation to proceed to the drop-off/pick-up lane.

2. Once there, all drivers will be asked to move all the way forward.

3. Once the car is stopped, students will be escorted to and from the cars by safety valets. 4. Parents need to stay in their cars and continue moving forward as the opportunity arises.


By following these simple rules, and by paying attention to the staff and students helping out during this time, we can ensure a safe and effective process.


Curriculum and Instruction

The elementary intervention program provides opportunities for students in grades K-5 to receive remediation and to focus on skills gaps before entering the next grade level in the fall. Teachers will tailor instruction to meet the needs of all students. Students will also work on grade-level writing, reading, and speaking skills through art, PE, and enrichment courses. 
After School Camp 

We are proud to partner with the City of Pleasanton to provide an afternoon camp opportunity for students who are participating in the intervention summer school program in PUSD.  After the summer school program, your child(ren) can stay on campus at Alisal Elementary for a structured, supervised camp experience.  Children must be picked up at or before 5 pm.  This program will run on all elementary summer school days.  Additional forms will be required for enrollment and these will be sent to all registered families prior to the start of the program.


More information on registration for this camp will be updated on this website in March.