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Long Term Independent Study

Long term independent study is appropriate for students who are capable of learning on their own.

Independent study is outlined in the California Education Code (EC) sections 51745–51749.3 and California Code of Regulations, Title 5 (5 CCR) sections 11700–11705.


Districts and county offices of education are not required to provide independent study, so this alternative instructional strategy is not always available in a local school. EC Section 51745(a). The option to take courses via independent study must be continuously voluntary. EC Section 51747(c)(7); 5 CCR 11700(d)(2)(A). 


Students in independent study need to have the ability to work independently and schools typically assess an applicant’s likelihood of success in independent study. EC Section 51746(b)(1); 5 CCR 11700(d)(1)(B) A school may determine that independent study is not an appropriate educational option if a student is far behind in credits. 


Long Term Independent Study (LTIS) does not require daily, in-person or virtual attendance. The Independent Study Written Agreement (also known as the Master Agreement) outlines the course of study for each independent study student. EC Section 51747(c). Curriculum, activities, and assessments are provided by a credentialed PUSD teacher. Students will be required to check-in with the teacher one-hour per week with parent/guardian support in providing direct instruction. Adequate academic progress is expected, and a daily schedule is not provided.


This program works best for students who are already reading, and who can be successful independently on a daily basis with parent/guardian support.


The curriculum in the Independent Study program is very limited. Many electives are not available. For maximum choice and availability of elective courses in the upper grades, students should plan to attend their school of residence. If, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, families are looking for an at-home solution with robust offerings should choose the Pleasanton FLEX Academy (PFX).


Elementary Independent Study Program

Students in the Elementary Independent Study program will be provided with math, English, Social Science, Science, and Physical Education instruction. Additional options are not available. 


Middle School Independent Study Program

Students in the Middle School Independent Study program will be provided with grade-level, math, English, Social Science, Science, and Physical Education instruction. Additional options are not available.


High School Courses offered in Independent Study

High School Courses - Courses denoted with a (P) or (HP) are UC A-G Approved

Freshman English (P)

Sophomore English (P)

Junior English (P)

Exp Read & Wrt (P)

Health Education (P)

Biology (P)

Chemistry (P)

Physics (P)

















US Hist (P)

Civics (P)

Economics (P)

Global Studies (P)

World Hist 2-3 (P)

Art 1 (P)

PE Course 1

PE Course 2 - Lifetime Fitness


Edgenuity Courses *New for 20/21

Introduction to Coding

Personal Finance

Online Learning and Digital Citizenship

Strategies for Academic Success

Psychology (P)

Sociology (P)

Financial Math (P)

Visual Arts (P)







Algebra II (P)

Geometry (P)

Algebra I (P)

Spanish I (P)

Spanish II (P)

Spanish III (P)

Volunteer Community Awareness