Open Enrollment

All students who are currently enrolled and attending school in PUSD are eligible to participate in the open enrollment process.  Current students may apply for enrollment to a school other than their resident school.  Applications are accepted on a space-available basis. 

Open enrollment applications are available at all school sites, online or can be picked up at the Student Support Services office, 215 Abbie Street.All applications must be submitted to the Student Services office by January 31, 2019 for the 2019-20 school year.

Proof of residence in the Pleasanton Unified School District is required. Families of students may be notified as late as August 1.  Late applications will be reviewed before the beginning of the new school year.  

We do not anticipate being able to approve open enrollment applications at impacted schools. Schools may be impacted by school site and/or grade level.  Current PUSD impacted schools are:  Donlon, Fairlands, Lydiksen, Walnut Grove Elementary, Hart Middle School and Amador Valley High School.

Should openings be available at a school, a random, unbiased selection process, is used to determine which open enrollment requests are granted. 


Family Residential Moves

When parents move, they must inform the school within five (5) days. Students whose parents who move within the Pleasanton Unified School District may either remain at the school they have been attending if it is not considered an "impacted school"; or register in the school in their new attendance area. If the former school of residence is considered an "impacted school," a continuing open enrollment form must be completed to determine if the student may remain at the school for the remainder of that academic year. At the end of the academic year, parents must complete an open enrollment form. The definition of an "impacted school" is a school in which enrollment exceeds staff allocation. 

For parents who move out of Pleasanton Unified School District, an Inter-district transfer is required in order to allow their student to continue in Pleasanton Unified School District. To initiate the transfer, the parent needs to contact their new district of residence. Approval of inter-district transfers is based on space availability and is not automatic.

See Interdistrict Attendance–Regulation 5117