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New Student Enrollment

Welcome to the Pleasanton Unified School District!  We are excited about your child's entry into our school district! During COVID-19 and the Shelter-In-Place orders, PUSD is still enrolling new students for the 2019-20 school year, which runs through May 29, 2020, and for the 2020-21 school year, which is currently calendared to begin on Tuesday, August 11, 2020. 


Enrollment is for students who are new to the school district. Enrollment occurs throughout the school year when a student is going to begin attending a Pleasanton Unified School District school. Students will be enrolled in the district once and registered each year.




Students are enrolled in a school based on their address.  The PUSD School Locator will indicate the resident schools (elementary, middle and high) for Pleasanton addresses.  Due to increased and growing enrollment at certain school sites for specific grade levels, some families may be assigned to a school other than their school of residence. Therefore, please make every effort to complete your enrollment process early. If your child is overflowed to another school in the District, staff will keep your child on a waitlist and call you during the school year if space becomes available. 


Also, please know that the Pleasanton Unified School District does not provide transportation (school buses). Transportation to and from school is the responsibility of each family. There is public transportation available through the Tri-Valley Rapid, Wheels Bus. Please visit the Wheels Bus website for more information regarding routes. Families are also encouraged to set up carpools, ride bikes, and/or walk to and from school, when possible.



Step 1:
You must currently be a resident of Pleasanton and have two proofs of residency to complete this process. If you are moving into Pleasanton over the summer (June, July, or August), please wait until you have moved in, to register.
To begin the enrollment process parents/guardians complete the online pre-enrollment.  Once completed and submitted, parents/guardians must send an email of this pre-enrollment information for each student to the appropriate school site staff (listed below).  Directions for completing the online pre-enrollment are available in English or Spanish
If you are unable to complete or submit the online pre-enrollment for any reason, please proceed to Step 2 and email your documents to the residence school site.  Your enrollment will be completed with the school personnel.  
Elementary School Attendance Personnel:  
Alisal - Amy Wood - awood@pleasantonusd.net
Donlon - Becky Simons - rsimons@pleasantonusd.net
Fairlands - Angela Gervasoni - agervasoni@pleasantonusd.net
Hearst - Debi Patterson - dpatterson@pleasantonusd.net
Lydiksen - Ellen Triebwasser - etriebwasser@pleasantonusd.net
Mohr - Tennille Ubungen - tubungen@pleasantonusd.net
Valley View - Rosemary Hosterman - rhosterman@pleasantonusd.net
Vintage Hills - Linda Dentler - ldentler@pleasantonusd.net
Walnut Grove - Kristine Cozzo - kcozzo@pleasantonusd.net
Middle School Counseling Secretaries:   Middle Schools
Thomas Hart Middle School- Cyndy Bormann - cbormann@pleasantonusd.net
Harvest Park Middle School- Erin Lyions - erin_lyions@pleasantonusd.net
Pleasanton Middle School - Joy Iwata - jiwata@pleasantonusd.net
High School Registrar:   High Schools
Amador Valley High School - Linda Pipe - lpipe@pleasantonusd.net
Foothill High School - Janet Burnett - jburnett@pleasantonusd.net
Village High School (alternative education) - contact the school administration for enrollment


Step 2:


The Enrollment Checklist is your guide.  Please print it and use it as your checklist to ensure you have the correct documents to show to the personnel at your residence school site, otherwise, the school staff may not be able to complete your enrollment.                           

             1. Printed confirmation of the online enrollment information ( from Step 1)

             2. Complete Enrollment Form 50750 English Version (Spanish version linked below)

             3. Birth Certificate or Passport

             4. Immunization records

             5. Two (2) proofs of residency – see checklist for a list of acceptable items

             6. Complete Enrollment Form (located below)


Please be sure to have a copy of student immunization records, and a copy of your two proofs of residency to leave with the school site.


Congratulations!  Once you have completed the online Pre-enrollment forms and turned in your paperwork to your residence school, you have completed the Enrollment process. 


New students who are enrolling for the next school year will receive a PIN and password in the mail in the summer to complete the annual Registration update. The annual Registration update will occur in the summer, approximately two weeks before school begins.




Elementary Schools - Grade Levels:  TK-5

  • Complete Steps 1 & 2 (see above)
  • School sites will begin accepting new enrollments for K & TK from 4 pm to 6:30 pm on the following dates:
Tuesday, February 4, 2020 - Mohr, Walnut Grove, Valley View
Wednesday, February 5, 2020 - Alisal, Hearst, Vintage Hills
Thursday, February 6, 2020 - Donlon, Fairlands, Lydiksen
Beginning on February 18, 2020 - Parents/guardians who are unable to attend on of these nights may go directly to their residence school during school hours to submit their enrollment packet.  Please complete this process by February 28, 2020.


Middle School Grade Levels:  6-8
  • Complete Enrollment Steps 1 & 2 (see above) 
  • Take all documents to your resident school site
High School Grade Levels:  9-12
  • Go to the resident High School website 
  • Complete all required documents listed on the website
Harvest Park Preschool
  • Complete Enrollment Steps 1&2 (see above)
  • Take all documents to the Harvest Park Middle School Office