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School Boundary Adjustment Process

The District formed a Technical and Stakeholder Committee to review the elementary school boundaries and propose options to update the school boundaries.  Our elementary school boundaries have not been adjusted for more than a decade and due to demographic changes our school attendance areas are unbalanced with some schools are significantly larger (more students) than other elementary schools.


The Stakeholder Committee comprises District administrators, school Principals, parent representatives (PTA), City representation, and APT and CSEA representatives.  In addition to the elementary school boundaries the committee has developed recommendations around transition planning and impacts to the middle school boundaries.  The following Guiding Principles have been used in developing the boundary options.


  1. The elementary school capacity (existing or with proposed new facilities) should be able to meet the projected enrollment for the next 5-7 years
  2. Schools projected enrollments should be balanced using boundary adjustments and/or school programs (i.e language immersion) to the extent possible
  3. The enrollments at the middle and high schools should be balanced to the extent allowed by the schools capacity (existing or with proposed new facilities)
  4. School boundaries should enhance neighborhood schools and community engagement
  5. School boundaries should support safe routes to schools, student safety and public transportation routes to the extent possible
  6. School boundaries should promote socioeconomic diversity among the students and community to the extent possible
  7. Boundary adjustment should include a transition plan that minimize the impacts to students and families


The District staff seeks further input from the larger community before we make recommendations to the Board of Trustees. Community members may provide input at the following two meetings in person or on Zoom.

  • January 17, 2023 at Fairlands ES Multipurpose Room (6-8 PM)
  • January 25, 2023 at Alisal ES Multipurpose Room (6-8 PM)



District Administration:
Steve Maher(Trustee)
Mary Jo Carreon(Trustee)
Dr. David Haglund
Ahmad Sheikholeslami
Ed Diolazo
Julio Hernandez
William Nelson
David Schrag
John Chwastyk
Kari Straface
Patrick Gannon
Joshua Butterfield
Jeni Rickard
Mehdi Rajabzadeh
Leslie Heller
Samuel Weaver
Derrick Psaros
Rosalind Rondash
Cynthia Sandhu
Christine Lutz
Amanda Brown
Blair Koning
Susanne Frey
Jennifer Pranschke
Alisa Stoddard
Tracy Stein
Shobana Reddy
Kristen Dean
Karen Perez

School Administration:
Andrea Withers
Elias Muniz
Dwight Pratt
Janet Gates
Joe Nguyen
Russell Campisi
Stephanie Pavlenko
Heidi Deeringhoff
Jacob Berg
Carole Stothers
Carla Henderson
Caroline Fields
Ellen Clark
David Kaitz
Dr. David Haglund
Ahmad Sheikholeslami
William Nelson
Ed Diolazo
John Chwastyk
Patrick Gannon
David Kaitz
Leslie Heller
David Schrag
Joshua Butterfield
If you have any questions or comments regarding the Boundaries, please reach out to Assistant Superintendent of Business Services: Ahmad Sheikholeslami at [email protected] or (925)426-4307.