Welcome to Business Services

The Business Services Division plays an integral role in the ability of the school district to provide a quality education for our students. As the financial and operational center of the district, this division is responsible for:
  • processing of all fiscal transactions
  • providing important budget information necessary to make crucial decisions which ultimately affect the classroom
  • ensuring sufficient instructional facilities are available to all children in our District, by carefully monitoring the effects of growth and securing the financing necessary to provide adequate classrooms and support facilities
  • maintaining the safety, cleanliness, and general repair of all district facilities
  • providing technology services for all district divisions including student and financial data systems and hardware and software support for sites
  • providing purchasing, warehouse and graphics services for the District
  • preparing and serving nutritious meals and a la carte items for the students and staff

Ahmad Sheikholeslami, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services
Lanita Villasenor, Administrative Assistant to Assistant Superintendent of Business Services (925) 426-4307

Elective Absences -The expectation of the PUSD is that students attend school on every day of instruction with limited exceptions (e.g., illness, funeral). With every absence, students miss valuable instruction time. In addition, the PUSD loses $56.07 in revenue for each absence (even excused absences). For the past few years, we have attempted to educate parents about avoiding elective absences (e.g., extended weekends, family trips, medical appointments) and asked parents to make voluntary contributions to reimburse the District for revenue lost. Last year, we received almost $1,784 in donations.

Additional Departments in Business Services:

  • Child Nutrition
  • Data Processing
  • Facilities
  • Fiscal Services
  • Graphics
  • Maintenance/Operations
  • Purchasing/Warehouse
  • Technology Services
  • Transportation/Security