Business Services

The Business Services Division plays an integral role in the ability of the school district to provide a quality education for our students. As the financial and operational center of the district, this division is responsible for business operations of the district, including budget and accounting, facility maintenance and operations, the bond construction program, student transportation, nutrition services, purchasing, warehouse and technology support.

Our Mission

Our Vision

A well organized, service oriented, and fiscally responsible division to enable student creativity, learning and engagement. 

Provide a seamless and customer centric support to students, staff and the community by exceeding their needs in the areas of child nutrition, facilities, fiscal services, graphics, operations, purchasing and technology.
Our Motto
How Can We Help?
Business Services Directory:
Ahmad Sheikholeslami
Assistant Superintendent, Business Services
To contact Mr. Sheikholeslami, please email his assistant, information below.
Carolyn Calderan
Administrative Assistant, Business Services
Phone: (925) 426-4307