Developer Fees

Development Mitigation


All new residential and commercial construction requires that a Mitigation Amount be paid to the Pleasanton Unified School District (School District) before a County or City of Pleasanton building permit will be issued.  Payments are made at the School District office, located at 4665 Bernal Avenue, Pleasanton, California 94566 (at the corner of First Street and Bernal Avenue). 


The School District office is open Monday through Friday, between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM, excluding District holidays.  Please contact Joanne Tangney, Business Services, at (925) 426-4313 to make an appointment.  When the appointment is made, you will be asked to provide the contact information (name, address and phone number) of the developer, owner and/or contractor for the project, as applicable.


At the time of payment, please bring with you:


1. The plans for the project approved by the City of Pleasanton or the       

     project application approved by the County, whichever is applicable; 



2.  A check for the mitigation amounts made payable to the Pleasanton

     Unified School District.


Note: The District can only accept checks as a form of payment.


Please see the link below to the 2015 mitigation matrix for the current mitigation amounts.


  • Do I need to pay mitigation amounts if my project is located on County land?
Yes, the same mitigation amounts apply whether the project is located on County property or City property.
  • How often do mitigation amounts change and how are they calculated?

The District evaluates mitigation amounts periodically (approximately every two years).  Mitigation amounts are determined based on studies that include demographic data, State Allocation Board information, and a statistical analysis of projected impacts of future development on the District.

  • How are mitigation amounts calculated for an addition to an existing home?

If the addition is less than 500 square feet, no mitigation amounts are owed. If the addition is 500 square feet or more, mitigation amounts are owed for the entire addition. 

For example, if the addition is 750 square feet, mitigation amounts are owed on the full 750 square feet.  If the square footage is 499 or less, no mitigation amounts are owed.

Please make an appointment and bring the approved plans to the District even when the addition is less than 500 square feet so the District can issue a certificate showing the addition is exempt.

  • Do I have to pay mitigation amounts if I am building a home but have no children?

Yes, mitigation amounts apply even if you have no children because there will be an impact on the District if you sell to someone with children.