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Hart Middle School - Portable Replacement and New Science Classrooms

The project has fully moved over to the front of the school as the site work portion of the project kicks off. Massive excavation of hardscape, removal of trees and removal of abandoned utilities have been the first steps in preparing for the new building construction in Spring 2022.  Meanwhile in the background, the design team, District, and lease-lease back developer have been hard at work to provide a complete submission of the building plans for review by the Division of the State Architect and was formally deemed completed and accepted for review in early December.
May 7, 2021
DSA Approval of Phase I and Increment I have both been achieved!  Phase I the new parking lot and drop off construction has commenced.  The parking lot and new drop off will greatly reduce traffic on the surrounding streets by adding over 300 ft. of additional drop off lane and replacing the parking lot where the new building is going to be placed.  Construction on the sitework for the new building will commence fall 2021.
November 10, 2020
Schematic design and design development has been completed.  Phase I which includes construction of a new parking lot to replace the parking spots taken by the new building.  Phase II which is the construction of the new building is in design and expected to be out of DSA February of 2021.  As part of the design process the team created full size mock ups of the science rooms to assist the staff with conceptualizing the space.
May 21, 2020:
SFA (architect firm) has been contracted as the architect on record for this project and will work directly with the district, campus, and construction management team through the entire project. Their current priority is developing the first iteration of the drawings.  To help SFA, the district and construction management team are in the process of contracting engineers and surveyors to perform site evaluations with geotechnical reports and topographic surveys.  Extensive design process with the board subcommittee is ongoing and the schematic design is being worked on with the site. Geotechnical drilling and site surveys are completed. Procurement for CEQA consultants is also completed.
Project Information
This project is in the early design development stage, the team is working on developing plans, with the goal of having construction drawings submitted to DSA in fall 2020. Construction is anticipated to start in spring of 2021 and completion the following year in summer of 2022.
This project will add six new classrooms to the Hart Middle School campus. These classrooms will be for multiple science disciplines and will allow for instructors and students to have a hands-on learning experience; the spaces will be equipped with a full laboratory set up. Aside from the new addition, the existing science buildings will be repurposed and converted into standard classrooms and four portable buildings will be removed from the site.