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Amador Solar Parking Structure Project - Information and Updates

The Amador Valley High School student parking lot on Santa Rita Road will be receiving an eco-friendly upgrade with a new solar structure next school year. This new solar structure will allow our Amador community to reduce its carbon footprint, provide a long-term source of renewable energy and create covered parking for our students in a new re-oriented lot (see conceptual design below).  

The new re-oriented lot will also include a number of safety improvements, including additional crosswalks.  Amador’s new solar structure parking lot will provide valuable learning opportunities for our students for years to come. Construction for the parking lot begins June 2019 and is projected to be ongoing through early October. However, PUSD will continue to look for ways to expedite this timeline.

Our goal will be to provide transportation options for our students and families to make the start of the 2019-2020 school year as smooth as possible.

Construction Timeline 

We are planning to hit the ground running with construction on Monday, June 3 to take advantage of the Summer months when the parking lot will be vacant.

As construction is ongoing through the first 8-weeks of school through mid-October 2019, a majority of the Santa Rita parking lot will be unavailable for parking. During this time, student parking will be largely unavailable on campus. While we understand that this is a significant temporary challenge, and presents a short term inconvenience, it also provides for a 25+ year benefit in addition to priceless learning opportunities for our students.

We are confident that in working together with our school and broader community, our students will continue to be able to get to school safely while being kind and conscientious of our community neighbors during this time.

We will be sharing transportation and parking mitigation planning information throughout the Summer and leading up to the 2019-2020 school year to assist in these efforts, and would like to share the information below as a foundation.

School Circulation Plans

In collaboration with the City of Pleasanton, we have created the plan below which outlines remote loading areas for student drop off and pick up. To help make our student drop offs efficient and minimize the impact to traffic on Santa Rita Road, several locations are identified as available loading zones and designated pickup and drop off areas.

While students will be unable to park within the Santa Rita Road student lot, the drop off and pick up loop that borders the student lot will be open. In addition, loading zones will be established on Del Valle Parkway, Black Avenue and Santa Rita Road adjacent to the aquatic center park. See map below for available loading zone areas.

Student Loading (Drop Off/Pick Up) Zones Information

Student Loading (Drop off/pick up) Zones:

    1. Santa Rita Road (adjacent to Aquatic Park
    2. Black Avenue
    3. Aquatic Center Parking lot (no student parking - drop off and pick up allowed)
    4. Del Valle Parkway
    5. Gatetree Circle (no student parking – drop off and pick up allowed)
    6. Santa Rita Frontage Road (no student parking – drop off and pickup allowed)
    7. Student Parking Lot Loop & Amador Theater Lot Loop


The drop off loop encircling the student parking area will be open during construction.

School Circulation Plan

Several new bike racks have been installed around the campus and a new pedestrian pathway from Gatetree Circle has been installed to provide additional alternative transportation options.

The loading zone around the student parking lot will remain open during construction and the traffic signals will provide controlled access into and out of the student lot. A new loading zone has been created along the south side of the school. Vehicles may enter at the Main Office loop and drive toward Del Valle parkway to load and unload students. Traffic control flagmen will be available to help facilitate movement into and out of the loading zone areas.

Next Steps and Follow Up

We are collaborating with Wheels and other local public transportation partners to offer convenient, alternative transportation options for our students and will plan to share this information as it is available. Our goal will be to provide a suite of school transportation options for our students, families and community to make the start of the 2019-2020 school year as smooth as possible.

We will also be sharing information related to 2019-2020 special events as well as plans for limited onsite parking.

We will be sharing email updates and posting new information here as it is available to help keep our community informed and prepared to start the 2019-2020 school year. Please continue to check back here for updates throughout the Summer!

Thank you for your continued patience, understand and collaboration!

Commonly Asked Questions: 
Where will staff and student parking be located until the Santa Rita lot is opened? 
Please refer to the school circulation map below
How will student parking be allocated? 
ROP students traveling to multiple school sites in one day will have priority. The allocation of the remainder of available parking will be announced later this Summer.