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District Wide Technology Projects

Through these various technology projects, all campuses within Pleasanton Unified School District will have upgrades to their classrooms, offices, and infrastructure, providing students with a well supported and reliable 21st century learning environment.

Through the 21st century classroom projects, students and staff will have access to new educational technology.  Classrooms district wide, will be equipped with new audio visual equipment that includes digital display, classroom audio enhancement, and document cameras.  

Through the network upgrade projects, the district’s telecom infrastructure will receive massive improvements to its speed, reliability, and capability.  Outdated cables and wiring will be replaced with CAT6, CA6A, and 12 strand fiber.  Upon project’s completion, the campus will have new clock bell speakers, voice of over IP (VoIP) phones, and will be integrated together.

21st Century Classroom: audio visual projects began in 2019 with the piloting of several different devices at various campuses.  The team plans to start roll out of the new technology in summer of 2020 with completion by end of 2021.

Network Infrastructure: this project is split into 2 phases, with phase 1, bringing fiber to the campuses, set to complete by summer of 2020.  Phase 2 has been approved by the board in March 2020 and is slated to start in April 2020, with final completion no later than September 2021. 

21st Century Classroom: the district Technology team is collecting feedback from the users who received pilot devices.  The team can assess the needs of the users and move into finalizing the design and implementation.

Network Infrastructure: The project is ahead of schedule, the contractor has been cabling at Vintage Hills ES, Village HS, and Valley View ES.  The work that has been done is removal of old/inactive cabling.  Pulling and testing new cabling.  There has been no change to budget or scope.