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The Fiscal Services Department plays an integral role in the ability of the school district to provide a quality education for our students. As the financial center of the district, this department is responsible for the processing of all fiscal transactions and provides important budget information necessary to make crucial decisions which ultimately affect the classroom.
Fiscal Services/Administration – Who Does What
Outside Billings-Salary Leslie Tavernier 925.426.4311
Outside Billings-Other Expenses Leslie Tavernier 925.426.4311
Accounting Cathy McKim 925.426.4347
Accounts Payable A – Z Joanne Tangney 925.426.4314
Annual Budget Gina Murphy-Garrett 925.426.4310
Attendance Reporting to CDE Leslie Tavernier 925.426.4311
Benefits L-Z
Benefits A-K
Nancy Bronzini
Marla Marriott
Budget Allocations Cathy McKim 925.426.4347
Budget Transfers (split by schools) Kay Dorp
Leslie Tavernier
Certificates of Insurance Janet Wolfinger 925.426.4307
Cal Card Statement Processing Marla Marriott 925.426.4313
Employee Benefits Nancy Bronzini 925.426.4327
Debt Service Gina Murphy-Garrett 925.426.4310
Deposit Forms (Cash Receipts) Marla Marriott 925.426.4313
Developer Fees Collection Marla Marriott 925.426.4313
Expenditure Transfers (split by schools/dept) Kay Dorp
Marla Marriott
Leslie Tavernier
Sue McKinnon
Fed Ex Janet Wolfinger 925.426.4307
Field Trips – Insurance/Contracts Janet Wolfinger 925.426.4307
Financial Statements & Reports Gina Murphy-Garrett 925.426.4310
Financial Audits Gina Murphy-Garrett 925.426.4310
Golden Handshake Gina Murphy-Garrett 925.426.4310
Investments Gina Murphy-Garrett 925.426.4310
Legal Billings Janet Wolfinger 925.426.4307
Outdoor Education Kay Dorp 925.426.4317
Payroll – L-Z Carol Davila 925.426.4315
Payroll – A-K Seslie Jackson 925.426.4316
Retirement PERS Seslie Jackson 925.426.4316
Retirement STRS Carol Davila 925.426.4315
Revolving Cash Joanne Tangney 925.426.4314
Student Accident Reports Janet Wolfinger 925.426.4307
Student Insurance Forms Janet Wolfinger 925.426.4307
Tax Sheltered Annuities (403b & 457) Nancy Bronzini 925.426.4327
Vendor Contracts Approval Janet Wolfinger 925.426.4307
4665 Bernal Avenue, Pleasanton, CA 94566
Phone: 925.462.5500
Fax: 925.462.8207

Accounting Services

  • Compile & distribute monthly reports
  • Prepare, record & submit deposits, budget and expenditure transfers (including stores & graphics)
  • Verify account codes, availability of funds & required signatures on all items to be paid
  • Reconcile district & county financial reports
  • Accounting for Outdoor Education
  • Provide QuickBooks support
  • Billing for salaries
  • Student Body
  • Parent Clubs
  • Collecting and tracking developer fees

Accounts Receivable

  • Billing for stores and graphics
  • Collection
  • Complete deposit receipts

Accounts Payable

  • Operation costs and employee reimbursements
  • Purchase orders
  • Conference reimbursement claims
  • Mileage & educational expense claims
  • Consultant reimbursements
  • Requests for travel advance
  • Revolving Cash
  • 1099s