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Classification & Total Compensation Study

UPDATE: August 21, 2019

Dear PUSD Classification Study Participant:

Here are the newly revised job descriptions.  The key difference is the essential functions for which you provided feedback are in bold, while your supervisor’s are italicized and those unchanged or not marked were seen as agreed upon language. 

The job descriptions are in a Word document so that you can download and save as your job description to resubmit with your edits in a different color to easily identify your changes. Please download your job description and save the file as follows: first initial, last name and job title like this TSmith - Paraeducator.doc  Once the edits are completed attach with your feedback form here (scroll down)  and submit to

The CTC Team is seeking your final review of your job description, to determine whether your position and description fit the overall definition, scope and intent of your classification. It is important for us to receive your final feedback if you have concerns.  We encourage you to complete the feedback form regarding the revised job description. You have until September 4th, to submit your feedback.  

As a reminder salary will not be addressed during the job description phase, this will be done at a later time and is subject to negotiations. 

Therefore, we ask you to do the following:

  1. Review and read the final draft job description.
  1. Determine whether you wish to provide feedback regarding your classification and job description.  If you wish to provide feedback and are unable to download the word version of your job description, please print your job description and feedback form.  Complete with any redlines, edits and feedback, then scan the completed form/job description and email it to the Classification & Total Compensation Study team (CTCS) at, so it is received no later than September 4th,  2019 at 4:00 pm. If you are unable to scan and email your feedback you may turn it in at the District Office to the receptionist by the above date and time. If we do not receive a feedback form from you, we will assume you are satisfied with the job description.
  1. If you have a change to your job classification, please include in your feedback form as well.

  1. If we do not receive feedback from you, we will assume you are satisfied with the classification changes.

If you have any questions, please contact the CTC Study team.  Thank you for your participation and important feedback.

Please note this is a final opportunity to review and provide feedback on the draft job description; all recommendations will have a final/edit review of your feedback and will be submitted to the negotiations team.  

Pleasanton USD has initiated a Classification & Total Compensation Study to cover all positions in the Classified Bargaining unit.


What is a Classification and Compensation Study?

The current Classification and Compensation Study (the Study) is a multi-phase process that is beginning in February 2019 and is scheduled for completion in June 2019. The goal is to align job descriptions with the current roles and responsibilities of classified employees and conduct a market analysis of compensation and benefits in similar or like jobs in other comparable public agencies.

Why conduct a Classification and Compensation Study?

The purpose of conducting a Classification and Compensation study is three-fold:

  • To ensure employees are allocated to an appropriate classification based on the scope of work they are performing.

  • To ensure the Pleasanton USD has accurate, ADA compliant and up-to-date job descriptions that describe the current duties, responsibilities and requirements for employees so they can be used for employment and performance appraisal.

  • To ensure employees are being paid a fair rate of pay for the work they are doing and that it is competitive as compared to other identified school districts. The comparable school districts/labor markets will be determined by the CTCS Team.

The District’s ability to recruit, develop, retain and reward a high-quality workforce starts with clear and carefully developed job descriptions that reflect the scope of work for every classification.  An efficient and effective organization needs logically constructed job families that link and build positions upon each other, and in some cases, demonstrate career ladders within particular kinds of work.

The roles and responsibilities of employees, the skill sets, and working conditions and environments change over time with technological and organizational advances.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Have questions regarding the Classified Classification? Review our FAQ below. 
Still have questions? Email us at  
Watch our Classification and Total Compensation Study Kick Off Presentation to learn more: 
View and download a copy of the Kick Off/Orientation Presentation below: 

CTCS Study Timeline 

There will be support opportunities available to complete your PDQ on the following dates/times in Conference Room 1 at the District Office 
  • Wednesday, February 27, 2 - 5 p.m. 
  • Friday, March 1, 2 - 5 p.m. 
  • Monday, March 4, 2 - 5 p.m.
Meet your Classification & Total Compensation Study Team