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Leave of Absences

All requests for leave should be submitted via the Informed K-12 link below:


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Pregnancy Leave Planning Timeline & Information

Maternity/Paternity Leave Presentation

We would like to help you as you begin to plan for the arrival of your new baby.  Here are some important informational tips and timelines to assist you along the way.


Time Away From Work:

 Pregnancy Disability Period (these are the two periods of time (before and after delivery) that you would be considered “disabled” due to pregnancy and childbirth)


  • Pre-Delivery Time Off: Generally the “gold standard” disability timeline for most OBGYN’s  is 4 weeks of time off before your baby’s due *
  • Post-Delivery Time Off: Generally the “gold standard” disability timeline for most OBGYN’s   is 6 weeks of time off after a normal delivery or 8 weeks of time off after a cesarean section delivery.*

* This time period is subject to change based on your health care provider’s recommendation.


Parental Leave – After your pregnancy disability period ends, you can apply to take Parental Leave. This is the new law for educational employees, which provide 12 weeks of partially paid time off. You can take all or some of this leave time but the minimum amount of time you may take at one time is 2 weeks and this leave must be taken within 12 months of the birth of your baby. The law states that all of your sick time must be used first and any time remaining after that will be paid using difference pay (your daily rate minus the cost of a substitute whether you are a certificated or classified employee.)


Unpaid Leave – Depending on your collective bargaining agreement, you may be able to take additional unpaid time off.  Please consult your contract or the Leave Administrator for more details.


Timelines for Notification and Paperwork Submission:

60-90 Days Before Your Due Date:
Contact the Leave Administrator (ext. 4327) to tell them that you are expecting a baby. You may schedule an in person appointment to go over all of your leave options (usually about 30 minutes) or you may request to be sent information via
You will be provided with the following:
  • Request for Leave form
  • A copy of your collective bargaining unit’s leave article
  • Certification of Health Care Provider for Employee’s Serious Health Condition
  • FMLA/CFRA and PDL information sheet
  • Parental Leave information sheet

30 Days Before Your Due Date:

Follow up with the Leave Administrator to confirm your first day of disability and to return the following completed
  • Request for Leave form
  • Certification of Health Care Provider for Employee’s Serious Health Condition
  • Note: If you are seeing a Kaiser Permanente health care provider, bring the original form (4 pages) you were given to the Business Office at Kaiser and in about 1 week, they will provide you with a printout of the form which is acceptable.
  • Work Status form from your health care provider showing the date you will begin your Disability Leave
You should then receive a letter from the Leave Administrator outlining your leave entitlements and rights to document your leave.


Your First Day of Leave:


  • If you are a certificated employee, if applicable, make sure you notify either American Fidelity or the Standard Company of your Pregnancy Disability leave as you may be entitled to a monetary benefit. To obtain additional information or file your claim, please call American Fidelity 800-662-1113 or go to or The Standard at 1-800-522- 0406.
  • If you are a classified employee, you need to contact American Fidelity directly at 800-818- 3453. Or go to and file your claim online for your pregnancy disability leave.


After Your First Post-Delivery Appointment With Your OBGYN:

  • Ask your OBGYN for a note to document the starting and ending dates of your Pregnancy Disability period. Send that to the Leave Administrator as soon as possible so that your leave will be appropriately


30 Days After The Birth of Your Baby:

  • Prior to the end of your Pregnancy Disability Period, contact the Leave Administrator to discuss any additional leaves you may be considering. Please note: You must submit a Leave of Absence request form for each additional type of leave you may be requesting. The Leave Administrator will ensure your request is submitted to the Board of Education for consideration and
  • Contact the District Benefits Technician (ext. 4327) to make sure your new baby is covered under your District sponsored health


Our goal is to make the time with your baby a memorable one for both of you! Please partner with us to make that happen for you and your new baby!