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Family Engagement

Parent Liaison Program

There can be linguistic and cultural barriers that prevent parents/families from fully engaging with our school system. The job of a District Parent Liaison is to support parents/guardians and families; providing information regarding services available to eligible students and families; conveying information regarding school and/or district activities and procedures. Referring families to other agencies, and referring families to other agencies, acting as an advocate for Socioeconomically disadvantaged, English Learner, and Foster/Kinship families in the local and wider community.

What is a parent liaison?

At PUSD we view parents and guardians as a child’s first teacher. A parent liaison is a school staff member who works at schools to specifically help parents and families get the information that they need to support their students as learners. A parent liaison’s primary role is to build bridges between the families and our school system.


How do I contact a parent liaison?

Each school site has a designated parent liaison. Please contact the liaison for the site that your child/children attend. That said, we understand that you may need to contact a parent liaison from another site due to language and translation needs.

If you are unsure of who to contact please email and someone will assist you. A list of site assignments for 2016-2017 is located at the bottom of this page.


What are a few ways that parent liaisons help?

  • Facilitate communication between school and home
  • Facilitate access to District policies, programs and community services
  • Orient students and families with the District facilities and required processes
  • Responds to family inquiries with regard to access to district information and student access to classes/curriculum
  • Organize and facilitate parent support classes
  • Share strategies that can help students in the home
  • Arrange and attend meetings with school staff regarding student achievement
  • Coordinate technology for students
  • Assist staff when cultural and/or language barriers exist
  • Participates in ELAC and DELAC
  • Assist parents and families in enrolling in skill development courses (ESL, nutrition, computer training).
  • Disseminate information and resources to families
PUSD African American Family Network
The network is a structured opportunity for families build community and to provide feedback and ideas, then take the information to advocate for their children. Click the link above and "like" our Facebook Page. 
Meetings dates/times 2016-2017 
September 26 ~ 7-9pm AVHS Library
October 24 ~ 7-9pm Foothill HS C6
November 15 ~ 7-9pm Foothill HS C6
December 19 ~ 7-9pm Foothill HS C6
January 30 ~ 7-9pm Foothill HS C6
February 27 ~ 7-9pm Foothill HS C6
March 27 ~ 7-9pm Foothill HS C6
April 24 ~ 7-9pm Foothill HS C6
May 22 ~ 7-9pm Foothill HS C6