Student Attendance

September is Attendance Awareness Month


Attendance Information

Attendance directly affects the academic achievement of students. Attendance and participation in class are essential if a student is to gain the maximum benefit from their educational program. Many absences from school are due more to attitudinal and motivational problems than legitimate illness. Students with excessive absences cannot profit from educational programs and activities offered at school. Students are encouraged, therefore, to attend classes regularly and promptly except in emergencies.

The regular and punctual school attendance of students is expected, encouraged, and as necessary, enforced. School attendance is an area of mutual cooperation between the school, the parents and the student so that the whereabouts of each student will be known at all times during the school day. Parents are responsible for providing school officials with verification of reasons (absentee notes) for each absence within 48 hours of the student’s return to school. Any absence not certified by a parent, guardian, physician or court/other agency within two days of the pupil’s return to school are considered unlawful.

California Attendance Requirements and Truancy

See Absences and Excuses–Regulation 5113

Exclusions from School Attendance

A student who has significant filthy or vicious habits, or children suffering from contagious or infectious disease may be excluded from school. A pupil whose physical or mental disability would be detrimental to the welfare of other students may be excluded from school. Students who do not have state required immunizations must be excluded.

(EDUCATION CODE 48211, 48212, Health & Safety Code 3389)

Closed Campus

It is the policy of the Board of Education that all school campuses are closed for all pupils. A pupil must, therefore, have permission from the school office when leaving the campus. Consequences for middle and high school pupils who leave campus without permission during the school day are as follows: First Offense – Saturday School. Second Offense – Saturday School. Third Offense – suspension for defiance.

Family Residential Moves

When parents move, they must inform the school within five (5) days. Students whose parents who move within the Pleasanton Unified School District may either remain at the school they have been attending if it is not considered an "impacted school"; or register in the school in their new attendance area. If the former school of residence is considered an "impacted school," a continuing open enrollment form must be completed to determine if the student may remain at the school for the remainder of that academic year. At the end of the academic year, parents must complete an open enrollment form. The definition of an "impacted school" is a school in which enrollment exceeds staff allocation. 

For parents who move out of Pleasanton Unified School District, an Inter-district transfer is required in order to allow their student to continue in Pleasanton Unified School District. To initiate the transfer, the parent needs to contact their new district of residence. Approval of inter-district transfers is based on space availability and is not automatic.

See Interdistrict Attendance–Regulation 5117

Open Enrollment

Parent(s) or guardian(s) of children attending Pleasanton schools may request a transfer of the student from the assigned school to another. Such requests must be in writing on the open enrollment form and forwarded to the Senior Director of Student Services for appropriate administrative action.  Board Policy 5116.1

An administrative change of schools may occur under the following circumstances if space is available:

  1. Involuntary transfer if a pupil fails to meet the conditions of a SARB contract (poor attendance).
  2. Involuntary transfer for disciplinary reasons.
  3. Inter-district transfer to another district under extenuating personal, social or family problems or employment.
  4. Voluntary Inter-district transfers for child care or parent employment in grades K-5.

Inter-District Transfers – Regulation 5117

Definition of Terms:

Inter-district attendance is attendance at a school outside the geographical boundaries of the Pleasanton Unified School District.

The district of residence shall be defined as the district where the student resides. The residence of the student shall be defined as the residence of the home of the responsible person in which the student resides. If the residence is located within boundaries of the Pleasanton Unified School District, the student shall be designated as a resident of the District.

Students who reside within the city limits of Pleasanton but outside the boundaries of the Pleasanton Unified School District and have approved transfers will be afforded all rights of residence within the Pleasanton school district on a permanent basis.

See Inter-District Attendance– Regulation 5117

California State Education Code 48304:

An application of any student for transfer may not be approved under this article if the transfer would require the displacement, from a school or program conducted within any attendance area of the school district of choice, of any other student who resides within that attendance area or is currently enrolled in that school.