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Student Enrollment

For Student Enrollment and Registration information, please find the information under the "Enrollment" tab of our home page. 
Open Enrollment 
For information about Open Enrollment please review the information under the "Enrollment tab" of our home page, labeled "Open Enrollment."  This information is for current students residing within Pleasanton but would like to request to attend an alternative school site (other than their "resident school") within Pleasanton. 

Parents/guardians may request that their student attend a Pleasanton school different from their resident/home school. In order to make the request, parents/guardians complete the Open Enrollment form and indicate the requested school. Approval is based on school capacity and space availability

The Open Enrollment form is available at all school sites, the Student Services Department and the District Office.

Forms may be turned in to the Student Services Office, located at 215 Abbie Street, Pleasanton, CA 94566.

For more information, please review the Open Enrollment page

Inter-District Transfers (IDT)

For information about Inter-District transfer, please review the information under the "Enrollment tab" of our home page labeled "Inter-District Transfer." The Inter-District process is used for students coming in from or going to another district - transferring from one district into or out of Pleasanton.