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Superintendent David Haglund, Ed.D.
Dear PUSD Community, 
Having just completed my first 120 days in the District, I thought it appropriate to reflect on various learning opportunities and to celebrate the great work going on throughout the District. Much like you would expect to see in any high-performing organization, PUSD continually grows and adapts to best meet the needs of its changing constituency. This year has been no exception. We have welcomed new staff, embraced powerful learning initiatives, and redoubled our commitment to equity-based practices that ensure academic success for all students. 
To this end, the School Board and I have worked to align the District's organizational structures and activities to the PUSD Strategic Plan and we are strengthening coherence in our approach to the work: Vision → Mission → Beliefs → Actions. The goals, outlined in the PUSD Strategic Plan, focus on four overarching areas (Curriculum & Instruction, Personal Growth, Fiscal Stewardship, and Learning Environment), guide our daily work and provide anchor points for all decision making. These same goals have been incorporated into the evaluation documents for the executive leadership team and include a 5th goal that focuses on improving customer service across all District departments. 
As the State's new school assessments and accountability processes have been refined and deployed, a greater focus on individual student growth has replaced static measures of grade-level proficiency. In my opinion, this is a very good thing. However, it represents a significant shift for many stakeholders. To ensure forward progress during the transitions, the District has continued to refine practices that embrace the use of data to inform specific academic interventions. You may be hearing an increased use of terms like RTI, PBIS, and/or MTSS (links provided for the curious and those who want to learn more). These strategies help teams of teachers build purposeful interventions - both academic and behavioral - that work to scaffold each student with the support they need to achieve success. 
I say all of that to say this: These efforts do not represent a simple shift in teaching and learning. More so, they represent a change in how we approach learners as an organization. These complex efforts are supported by a group of amazing teachers and teacher leaders, as well as the phenomenal support staffs at the schools and our District leadership team. By focusing on these common approaches to the work, we will better determine a course of action to move the District forward. I am blessed to have a strong team and fortunate to be part of a community whose commitment to our children and schools is unparalleled. 
David Haglund, Superintendent
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Roseanne Pryor, Administrative Assistant
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