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Board Agendas and Minutes

Beginning 2021-22 PUSD has transitioned to a new platform called Simbli for Board meeting agendas, documents and meeting minutes. PUSD's Board policies are also accessable through PUSD's new Simbli website.
Prior to 2021-22 PUSD Board agendas, documents, and meeting minutes can be accessed through PUSD's Agenda Online.
Agenda Timeline
  • Regular Board Meeting Agendas will be published at least 72-hours in advance.
  • Special Board Meeting Agendas will be published at least 24-hours in advance.
Board Meetings are Live Streamed
  • Meetings of the Board will be virtual via Zoom until further notice.
  • Meetings are livestreamed by Tri-Valley TV and viewable online
  • Please always check the meeting agenda to confirm the meeting date, time, location, community participation instructions and final live streaming link(s) for viewing.
Archived Board Meetings
To View "chapterized", on-demand School Board Meetings from August 2018 to present:
For archived Board meeting agendas, information packets, and minutes of meetings previous to August 2012, please contact the Superintendent's Office (925) 426-4333.