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Accessing Elementary Report Cards and Student Data in Illuminate

What is Illuminate?Illuminate illustration

Illuminate is a data system that integrates a variety of student assessment and demographic data in one place.  Teachers and administrators can view pre-built reports and sort or filter by relevant groups, or can create custom reports using state-level and local assessment information to guide instruction.  Illuminate also allows educators to build and administer custom on-line assessments, and student portal access for students to participate in assessments and for students and parents to view assessment results and elementary report cards.  (Secondary report cards are accessed through "Q", our Student Information System, not through Illuminate).
For Parents:

Beginning with Fall 2021, in an effort to streamline parent/guardian access, we are recommending that you use the Illuminate Student Portal to view your child's elementary report card. Report cards for secondary students, along with MAP reports for both elementary and secondary, will continue to be available through the Q parent portal. By accessing Illuminate through the student portal, parents will not need to set up an Illuminate parent portal in addition to the Q parent portal.

Here are the steps:

Log into your child’s PUSD CLEVER account Clever login




then click on the link to Illuminate. You will be able to log in through Google and will not need an additional password. Another method of logging in, is to use the link to the Illuminate Home Connection login and then skip down to click on "Sign in With Google". Use your student's PUSD gmail address and password for the Google log-in. If you do not know your student's PUSD gmail and password, please contact your student's teacher or the site technology specialist at your student's school.


If you prefer to have access to the Illuminate Parent Portal please contact Assessment and Accountability Specialist, Laura Keller ([email protected]), to obtain an access code. Parents who have already registered for a parent portal will continue to have access to linked students' report cards.

For Students:
Log into your PUSD CLEVER account, then click on the link to Illuminate.  You will be able to log in through Google and will not need an additional password.  Another method of logging in, as long as you are logged into your PUSD Google account, is to use the link to the Illuminate Home Connection login and then click on "Sign in With Google" and you will not need to enter a password.  If you are not already logged into your PUSD Google account, you can still choose "sign in with Google", and then enter your PUSD Google account information (gmail and password).

After you have logged in, choose "Continue to Portal" (Portal allows you to view your Report cards and any Assessments you have taken online with Illuminate.  Choose "Take Assessment" only if your teacher is assigning you to an online assessment).
Student portal login choice page
To look at your report cards from this year, log into the "Portal" and then choose "Report Cards" from the menu on the left side of the screen.  Your screen will not have as many options as the sample below.  Once you have opened the report cards, you can view them in Illuminate or can download them to keep or print for yourself.
Student Portal main page
After you have made a choice, you will be able to view your report card or any other scores that have been entered into your portal.  You will not have all the choices shown in the example below.
Student Portal score view example
At the top right of the screen you can choose to change the language or to log out when you are finished.
Student portal logout screen

Estimados padres o tutores de alumnos de primaria,

Con tal de hacer el acceso a las boletas de calificaciones de su hijo, le recomendamos que utilice el Portal para estudiantes de Illuminate para verlas.

Siga estos pasos:


Clever loginIlluminate logo

Inicie sesión en la cuenta PUSD CLEVER de su hijo:

Una vez que haya iniciado sesión en Clever, vaya a la pestaña de Evaluaciones y pulse en el enlace para Illuminate. Podrá iniciar sesión a través de Google y no necesitará una contraseña adicional.



Otro método para iniciar sesión, siempre que haya iniciado sesión en su cuenta de Google de PUSD, es utilizar el enlace al inicio de sesión de Illuminate Home Connection y luego hacer clic en "Sign in with Google" y no necesitará ingresar una contraseña.



Una vez que haya iniciado sesión, elija "Continue to Portal" (el portal le permite ver sus boletas de calificaciones).



Para ver sus boletas de calificaciones de este año, inicie sesión en el "Portal" y luego seleccione "Report Cards" en el menú en el lado izquierdo de la pantalla. Su pantalla no tendrá tantas opciones como la muestra aquí. Una vez que haya tomado una decisión, podrá ver su boleta de calificaciones. Una vez que haya abierto las boletas de calificaciones, puede verlas en Illuminate o descargarlas para guardarlas o imprimirlas usted mismo.



Log in using your PUSD email address as your user name, then skip down to "Sign in with Google".  You do NOT
need to enter a password in the Illuminate password field, as long as you are already logged into your PUSD Google account.  If you are not logged in yet, you will be prompted to log into your PUSD Google account before entering Illuminate.
Screen shot of Illuminate Login page

    1. Home Page / Tiles
    2. Dashboard
    3. Control Panel
    4. Student Profile
    5. Illuminate University: links to "help" videos on various aspects of Illuminate
To get started:  Click on the "Reports" tab on the lefthand menu, then "View Reports".  
Some commonly used prebuilt reports:
    1. Smarter Balanced Assessments Reports
      1. SBA Performance Summary Report
      2. SBA Student Roster Report
      3. SBA Student Report
      4. SBA Site / Grade Level Comparison
      5. SBA Subgroup Summary
    2. ELPAC Reports 
      1. ELPAC Longitudinal Roster Report
      2. ELPAC Student List Report
      3. ELPAC Student Summary
               c.  Dibels/Acadience Reports



    1. Entering DLA assessment data.
                    (Same process works for entering Acadience and other prebuilt assessment data).
              b.  Entering Physical Fitness Test data
              d.  Creating an Itembank Assessment