GATE- Gifted and Talented Education

The purpose of GATE services is to provide students with challenges beyond what the general education program can offer. The district works with all school staff to provide high quality differentiated opportunities for learning that meet students’ particular abilities and talents and to focus on the areas of strength and challenge.

Every student up to grade 7 in Pleasanton Unified School District (PUSD) is offered the opportunity to be tested at least once for GATE identification. Testing for GATE begins in 3rd grade.
In 2010 modifications were made to the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) identification process. The District currently tests all third grade students for GATE using the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT). 
Students in grades 4 to 7 must be nominated by a teacher, parent, or other school staff to be tested for GATE services. Parents may nominate their child by submitting a completed Parent Nomination / Questionnaire / Permission for GATE to the Special Projects Office. Parents wishing to nominate their child are encouraged to talk with their child’s teacher about the benefits and implications of GATE testing. Parents can read the instructions and download the District GATE parent nomination form. Nomination forms are also available at each school site. Students are allowed to be tested as often as every other year. Students are not eligible to be nominated if they took the CogAT test last year.
Students will be tested during the school day at their own school. A letter notifying parents/guardians of the testing dates and other information will be sent home mid January. Testing will take place during the month of February at school sites.

GATE Program Description

The district philosophy and plan is to make program services an integral part of the school day, every day. Because of the numbers of formally identified and other high achieving students, the district believes that all students must be provided a challenging curriculum that is aligned with state standards and frameworks and allows students to meet and exceed the state academic content standards.

The district’s program design centers around the principles of differentiated instruction and our imperative to meet the intellectual, academic, social and emotional needs of all our students. Teachers strive for depth, complexity, novelty and acceleration in all of their daily instruction. Teachers ensure that students are able to understand, apply and extend beyond the standard(s), and they use the instructional strategies needed to meet the individual needs of each student.
The ongoing focus at the district level will be to support our teacheras they provide instruction through differentiated strategies designed to enhance the educational program for GATE students.
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GATE Mission/Vision Statement

The Pleasanton Unified School District has a responsibility to foster in all students critical-thinking, leadership, and academic skills that are necessary for succeeding in a global society. Fulfilling this mission requires that the district’s schools nurture students’ inherent and developed talents and abilities while also meeting their social and emotional needs. A strong gifted program has a positive impact on the learning process for all students. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the district to provide gifted students with individual learning opportunities, resources, and experiences which promote these talents and which provide the potential for self-fulfillment, creativity, and responsible participation in our society.