Curriculum & Instruction Department

The Curriculum and Instruction Department works closely with school sites to ensure that the highest quality curriculum, instructional materials, and learning environment are provided to all our students. This work includes providing staff development opportunities for all staff, textbook adoptions and ongoing review of course outlines and state standards. We also work closely with the Assessment Department staff to address assessment results in order to improve instruction.
The Power of US in PUSD!
PUSD has been “Learning by Doing” - studying and practicing the core concepts of true Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) at work. As a result of our collaboration in action and with the conviction of a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) to model learning for ALL moving forward, we have identified the following guiding principles for all PUSD PLCs. Learn more here.
Our Curriculum and Instruction Team
Shay Galletti
Director of Elementary Education
Nimarta Grewal
Director of Secondary Education
Cristina Loza
Executive Secretary
(925) 426-4326
Assistant to the Director of Secondary Education and Director of Assessment and Accountability
Gina Aquino
Executive Secretary
(925) 426-4328
Assistant to the Director of Elementary Education and Language Acquisition Coordinator
Luz Cortes
Office Assistant
(925) 426-4341
Assistant to the Coordinator of Extended Day & Academic Intervention Programs
Lisa Highfill
TK-12 Technology Integration Specialist
Lisa Highfill
Kelly Hilton
TK-12 Professional Development Integration Specialist
Arick Little
6-12 Math Integration Specialist
Arick Little
Scott Padway
6-12 Technology Integration Specialist
Rene Christensen
Lead Teacher, AVID (Part-Time)