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Health Services Information

The mission of Health Services is to strengthen and facilitate the educational process by improving and protecting the health status of children and by identifying and assisting in the removal or modification of health-related barriers to learning. Health Services; therefore, contributes directly to PUSD’s overall mission of educating students to become well-informed, productive and socially responsible citizens.

Health Offices

A Health Services Assistant who has been trained in basic CPR and First Aid provides care to the students who visit the School Health Office. Some of the care provided by the Health Services Assistant, under the supervision of the District Nurses, include basic first aid, medication administration, immunization enforcement, and communicable disease control.
Parents are encouraged to communicate with the School Health Services Assistant and District Nurses on any health related issues so we can better meet your child’s health needs in school to promote the best learning environment for your student.

To contact your student’s health services assistant, please go to each school’s website. To contact the District Nurses, please go to Student Services Contact Us page.

Emergency Card

Your child’s school must have correct contact information on your child in an emergency. This includes any alternative emergency contact persons in case the school cannot reach the parents. Parents must fill out the cards completely, including all pertinent health information and HCP and dentist phone numbers to call in an emergency. If there is a change of address or phone number for any person listed on the card during school year, please notify the school immediately (Ed Code 49408)

Tobacco-Free District

Per Tobacco-Free District Policy–Policy 1510, effective July 1, 1994, smoking and the use of tobacco products by all persons shall be prohibited on school district property. This shall include school buildings, grounds, and school owned vehicles.