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Health Screening & Medical Services

Health Screening & Medical Services

To identify potential health barriers in order to maximize the student’s ability to learn, the district conducts the following screenings mandated by state of California: (Ed Code 49455, 49456, 49452.5)

  • Vision: Grades TK, K or 1, 2, 5, 8 and first year in the California public school system
  • Color Vision: Grades TK, K or 1 boys only
  • Hearing: Grades TK, K or 1, 2, 5, and 8, and first year in the California public school system

In addition, students who are being assessed for initial and three year review for special education services, and students referred by a teacher or parent will also be screened for vision and hearing. any student who does not pass the initial screening will be screened again in a few weeks. Parents will be notified and referred for further follow-up only when a problem is identified. Parents may submit a written request for exemption from any of the above health screenings.

Confidential Medical Services

State law requires that parents be notified that pupils in grades 7 through 12 may be excused from school for the purpose of obtaining confidential medical services without the consent of the pupil’s parent or guardian. The District follows state law, Education Code, and District Regulation  “When excusing a pupil for confidential medical services or verifying such appointments, District staff shall not ask the purpose of such appointments but may contact a medical office to confirm the time of an appointment.”

Health Check-Up

California law requires that all children have a physical examination within eighteen months before entering the first grade.  Call your school Health Office for information regarding possible free Child Health and Disability Prevention Program (CHDP) exam. Parental waivers are available under certain conditions. (Health and Safety Code 324.2, 325.5)

Report of Health Examination for School Entry form is available at all school sites, Student Services Department, or go to website to download form.

For your convenience, here is a list of Alameda County Clinics and Community Health Centers.

Oral Health Assessment

California law, Education Code 49452.8, requires that children have a dental check-up by May 31 of their first year in public school, at kindergarten or first grade. Dental evaluations that have happened within the 12 months prior to school entry also meet this requirement. The law specifies that the assessment must be done by a licensed dentist or other licensed or registered dental health professional. Please click below to download the required form.