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Nondiscrimination in Employment

The Board prohibits employment discrimination on the basis of sex. BP 4030 Nondiscrimination in Employment. Reports alleging discrimination in employment on the basis of sex will be addressed in accordance with AR 4030 Nondiscrimination in Employment. These procedures apply to complaints of employment discrimination by employees, job applicants, interns, volunteers, and other persons contracted to provide services to the District.

A written complaint may be filed with the Title IX Coordinator or Nondiscrimination Coordinator in person, by mail, or by email. The Complaint should contain the complainant’s name, the name of the individual who allegedly engaged in the conduct, a description of the conduct alleged, the date(s) and location(s) where the alleged conduct occurred, any witnesses who may have relevant information, any available evidence of the discrimination, and any other pertinent information which may assist in addressing the complaint.

A complainant may report a concern to their direct supervisor, another supervisor, the Title IX Coordinator, Nondiscrimination Coordinator, or the Superintendent. Complaints alleging unlawful employment discrimination on the basis of sex will be investigated consistent with the investigation procedures set forth in AR 4030 Nondiscrimination in Employment or other applicable process.