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Board Meeting Community Participation (Public Comments)

Beginning March 24, 2022, all Board meetings will be hybrid format and the public may participate either in-person at the Pleasanton Unified School District Office, 4665 Bernal Avenue, Pleasanton or on Zoom. See meeting agenda for details.

Comment Forms (Speaker Cards)

There are two types of Comment Forms (speaker cards) for Board meetings. If you would like to submit a comment to the Board at an upcoming meeting (both in-person or on Zoom), please submit one of the following links prior to the start of the meeting:

  • The YELLOW Comment Form is for specific items ON the agenda.
    Yellow comment forms will be addressed following Board discussion of the specific item.
  • The BLUE Comment Form is for items NOT on the agenda.
    Blue comment forms will be addressed at the "Comments from Public" item. By law, trustees may not enter into discussion nor take action on items not previously published on the agenda. Note, Special Board meetings do not have a "Comments from the Public" item.

Public Comment Process For Zoom Participation

If you plan on submitting public comment to the Board via Zoom, the following applies to you:

  1. Online Comment Forms are available (see above) and the public will be able to call in using a computer/or smartphone via a link which will be provided following submission of a comment form.
  2. You will receive the Zoom link via email at least two hours before the meeting.
  3. Once connected, the public speaker will be placed in an online waiting room. While in the waiting room, the public speaker should watch or listen to the meeting on another device as they will not see or hear the meeting while they are connected and waiting to speak.
  4. When the agenda item upon which the individual would like to comment is addressed, the speaker will be announced in the meeting as to when it is his/her time to speak to the School Board. The speaker will then be moved to the meeting for comment.
  5. TV30 is allowing only "audio" at this time, adding a full screen "public comment" when the speaker is talking.
  6. Individual speakers shall be allowed no more than three (3) minutes to address the Board on this item for the sake of time.

Closed Captioning

Closed Captioning is available for all Regular Board meetings on Comcast Television TV28 and TV29 broadcasts.

If you can not watch PUSD's Regular Board meeting on Comcast Television TV28 or TV29, we offer closed captioning upon request. Please submit a Closed Captioning Request Form at least 72-hours prior to the Regular Board meeting.

  1. Following the submission of a request form, you will receive the Zoom link via email at least two hours before the meeting.
  2. Click on the Zoom meeting link prior to the start of the Board meeting. Please use your full name when entering.
  3. You will initially be placed in a waiting room. Once you have been admitted into the meeting, you will be able to view the meeting with Closed Captions by clicking on the CC button on the bottom of your Zoom window.
  4. Please ONLY submit the Closed Captioning Request Form if you require closed captioning.