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Measure I Implementation Plan

On November 8, 2022, the election took place, and the voters passed the bond for Measure I by 57.2%, above the required 55% supermajority vote. This bond Measure authorizes the District to issue $395,000,000 in bonds for school facility upgrades.

When a school district in California decides to embark on a bond program, the first step is developing an implementation plan to identify the specific projects the bonds will fund. This may involve working with construction managers, architects, and other experts to determine what improvements are needed, how much they will cost, how long they will take, and how the work will impact the current activities on campus. Once the scopes of work have been identified, the school district will develop a budget for each project. With that information, the district can move forward with the additional planning components required to implement the individual projects and the bond program. This plan is the result of such an effort and serves as the guiding documents/tools to be used as PUSD begins the implementation of the Measure I bond program.

On May 25, 2023, the first reading of the implementation plan was taken to the board of trustees. We are now seeking feedback from the public for the final reading of the implementation plan. Below you will find two links one to the draft Implementation Plan for Measure I and the second to a survey for the public to provide feedback. Please fill out one survey for each site you wish to provide feedback.

View the Full Measure I Draft Implementation Plan

We Want to Hear from You

Feedback form: Measure i Implementation 

Implementation Plan by School Site