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Lydiksen Elementary School: Rebuild & Modernization


The PUSD Board of Trustees approved the allocation of $36 million to rebuild and modernize the Lydiksen Elementary School campus in the first issuance of Measure I1 bonds on June 13, 2017. The Lydiksen campus rebuild and modernization was included in the board approved Measure I1 project list to provide new, modern 21st century classrooms to students served by the elementary school built in 1968.

Increment 1: Relocation and alteration of two existing portables D1 & D2, new entry canopy structure, metal shade structure, demolition of existing four circular buildings, overall site grading and landscaping, exterior improvements to existing buildings C, E and J.

Increment 2: Modular construction consisting of three classroom buildings, campus center, and administration building.



Project Status Updates