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Ahmad Sheikholeslami

Assistant Superintendent, Business Services

Carolyn Calderan

Administrative Assistant, Business Services

Child Nutrition Services

Sarah Kimiecik

Director, Child Nutrition Services

Lasya Shah

Coordinator of Operations

Steve Seligman


Teresa Burke

Operations Specialist

Facilities & Construction

John Chwastyk

Executive Director, Facilities, Construction and Bond Program

Aaron Kael

Assistant Director, Facilities & Construction

Michael Rice

Project Manager

Laura Peters

Executive Secretary

Fiscal Services

Anne Wells

Executive Director, Fiscal Services

Nancy Bronzini

Coordinator, Benefits/Risk

Maggie Tung

Coordinator, Fiscal Services

Ruby Ann Fernandez

Payroll/Retirement Analyst

Harsha Gandhi

Account Specialist II - Budget Analyst

Lisa Hansen

Leaves/Benefits Tech

Patricia Monroe

Account Specialist II - Budget Analyst

Smitha Neelakantan

Account Specialist I - Accounts Payable

Melissa Sano

Payroll/Retirement Analyst

Shalini Sharma

Account Specialist I - Accounts Payable


Ping Li-Wong

Lead Graphics Specialist

Ryan Kroetch

Graphics Specialist

Maintenance, Operations & Transportation

Mehdi Rajabzadeh

Executive Director, Operations

Arley Hill

Coordinator of Maintenance and Transportation

Juan Sanchez

Coordinator, Custodial/Maintenance

Aisha Fish

Executive Secretary, MOT

Bert Aguilar


Michelle Hill

Transportation Secretary

Cassandra Lopez

Facilitron Tech


Rachel Mercado

Coordinator, Purchasing

Leticia Baswell

Purchasing Specialist II

Betty Preciado

Purchasing Specialist I

Technology Services

Robert Torres

Chief Technology Officer

Cindy Lau

Coordinator, Technology Operations

Yevgen Pshechenko

Coordinator, Database Operations

Junior Yee

Coordinator, Technology

Scott Neal

Senior Systems Administrator

Marilyn Parks

Executive Secretary, Technology Services

David Chan

Network Administrator

Sunil Deo

Network Administrator

Paula Evans

Student Information Specialist

Jeff Hau

Systems Administrator

Yogita Khedkar

Data Administrator

Lucy Myers

Technology Specialist III


Miguel Echeverria

Warehouse Driver

Francisco Fregoso-Guerrero

Warehouse Driver

Jose Zaragoza

Warehouse Driver