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Athletic Coaches

Our goal in providing competitive athletic programs is to give our students an opportunity to learn to work as members of a team, to learn and follow the rules of the game, and to learn to abide by the decisions of coaches, game officials, and other authorities. Finally, we want everyone to remember that athletes are first and foremost students. Their studies come first and must not suffer because of their participation in sports.

All vacant high school and middle school coaching positions will be posted both under Certificated and Classified Openings. Interested applicants must have a current application online.

Upon interview and offer of employment, the Human Resources Division will issue you a “Short Term/Temporary Contract” authorizing the Principal and Coordinator of High School Operations to allow you to begin your coaching duties.

Hiring process for coaches

  1. A recommendation for hire must be submitted to Human Resources by the school Coordinator of High School Operations. Fingerprinting and employment paperwork will be authorized by Human Resources following receipt of recommendation for hire. Coaches may only contact Human Resources with prior authorization from site Coordinator of High School Operations.
  2. Coaches complete online application.
  3. Coaches must be fingerprinted and have a current TB test.
  4. It is the coaches’ responsibility to schedule an appointment for fingerprinting.
  5. Coaches are responsible for the fee for fingerprints (DOJ and FBI) in addition to the roll fee.
  6. Contracts will be returned to the sites with a 'Cleared to Work' form attached upon receipt of all necessary information from the coach (fingerprint clearance, TB, original driver’s license, I-9 and proof of first aide and CPR).
  7. The site administrator will then sign the contract and fill in all pertinent information including the correct stipend amount.
  8. All volunteer coaches must also complete the employment process and packet.