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Retirements & Resignations

  1. Approximately four months prior to your prospective retirement date, contact your Retirement System to discuss your pension and decide on an appropriate date of service retirement. Obtain an estimate of what your retirement benefits will be.
    1. Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) at (888) 225-7377 or or visit CalPERS at 1340 Treat Blvd., Suite 200, Walnut Creek or 181 Metro Drive, Suite 250, San Jose to speak with a representative, or
    2. State Teachers Retirement System (CalSTRS) at (800) 228-5453 or or visit CalSTRS at 649 Mission Street, 5th Floor, San Francisco to set up an appointment with a representative.
  2. Once a date of service retirement has been determined, submit a District Retirement form to Human Resources and contact your Site/Department Administrator to inform them of your service retirement date. Note: You must use an actual work day as your last day of employment. Also, your last day of work and first day of service retirement cannot be the same date. You must retire from your retirement system at least one day after your last day of work (e.g., My last day of work with PUSD is Thursday, June 13, therefore my first day of service retirement is Friday, June 14).
  3. Speak to the Benefits Technician to verify eligibility for lifetime benefits and to assist in determining your retirement benefits eligibility date. If you will be 65 or older when your retirement benefits become effective, you must have your Medicare in place by that date. The Benefits Technician will complete and eligibility form for you to take to the Social Security Administration to enroll in Medicare.
  4. File a service retirement application with the applicable retirement system (CalPERS or CalSTRS) no later than three months before your anticipated retirement date.
  5. The Human Resources Department will receive notification of your retirement date from the Retirement form you submit. Human Resources and Payroll will make any salary adjustments necessary to your final payroll check. It will also be determined if any accrued vacation will need to be paid out for the following month. If you have a large amount of accrued vacation, please speak to your financial advisor regarding the tax ramifications of a large vacation payout warrant.
  6. At least two months before your retirement benefits go into effect, complete a Retiree Election Form with the Benefits Technician. If you are Medicare age, you must have your Medicare card in hand when you complete the form.
  7. CalPERS and CalSTRS have guidelines with respect to employment after retirement. Generally, you cannot work for any PERS or STRS agency until at least 180 days after your retirement date. This includes substitute work. Please contact your retirement agency for more specific information.

To submit your intent to retire or resign, please fill out this PUSD Retirement or Resignation Form.

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