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Home and Hospital Program

PUSD offers a Home and Hospital Program for students with a short-term disability who are unable to attend school. The goal of the Home and Hospital program is to support students who are out of school for a period of six weeks or less and provide them with a teacher liaison for one hour per day to help students stay current in their classes. The Home and Hospital Program is not adequate to support students who will be out of school longer than six weeks. If your student will be out of school for longer than six weeks for any reason, please consider the Pleasanton Virtual Academy.

To request Home and Hospital support for a student please contact your child's school. Typically a vice principal (elementary), or counselor (middle and high school) can help you with the process. The application is approved at the school site level and the student services division will coordinate the assignment of the home teacher.

The documents needed to request Home and Hospital are below. Please note that there is a component that must be completed by a physician.

If you have questions about the Home and Hospital Program, please contact your school site.